A few cobwebs and dust…being intentional in 2015

#2014 was a good year.  Not such an active year for the blog, but a good year.

I would love to say it was a GREAT year, but it wasn’t.

My wife is amazing and has shown me (and her students, friends, family, etc) strength, compassion and love that blows me away. The kids are above average awesome, especially when they are healthy.  We went to Walt Disney World for the first time as a family, spent a week in the Outer Banks with family and survived enjoyed the holiday season.  And yet, I left the year with a lot of ‘goals’ un-achieved.

I started (and failed) two fitness challenges.
I ended the year heavier than when I began it.
I never did learn to play a single chord on guitar.
I wasted SO many minutes that could have been spent with my family, focusing on worry,                        fear, stress, the iPhone and all sorts of things that don’t really matter.
I made my year good, not great.

2015 is here, the perfect time for resolutions. You can probably guess what mine are / were based on the above list, both this year and years past.  After listening to podcasts, reading other blogs, staring off into space, I decided I wasn’t doing resolutions this year. Resolutions are great, but for me they aren’t motivating. I can decide to eat healthier, but one cookie is healthier than two, right?  I decided that for 2015, I would have a word. One word. Simple, concise, easy to remember, easy to apply to life. Intentional.  Really, intentional is a good place to start, yes?

Being intentional about relationships.
Being intentional about our words.
Being intentional about our actions.
Being intentional about our time.
Being intentional about the time we spend as a couple.
Being intentional about the time we spend with family.
Being intentional about the time we spend with friends.
Being intentional about our goals.
Being intentional about the things we care about.

Being intentional about life in 2015.
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