Findlay Market, et al

So I wasn’t (still not) sure what this site is going to entail, but for now it will be whatever I feel like talking about…which today is kids.

We started off our weekend going down to Findlay Market in OTR to pick up some fresh foods for our diet that we have been on recently.  I have lived in Cincinnati my entire life, but had never gone to Findlay Market until I was married and all grown up, which is a shame as this place is amazing.  For under $30, we stocked up on some fresh meats, veggies, fruits for the week – and of course a cookie for Addison and Belgian waffle for me (cheat snack?).  I think the kids enjoyed it – Rhys slept in his carrier pretty much the whole time and Addy was able to run free!  This has normally been a yearly trip for us, but we are hoping to make it closer to monthly going forward!Image

We cooked up the Bone in center cut pork chops from Findlay Market Sunday evening for dinner in an attempt to sit down and have a meal together.  Rhys had other plans, so as Whitney and I went up to get him ready for bed, we had a casualty in the food department.  Keira, our English Springer Spaniel, took that small window of opportunity and capitalized by successfully ‘counter surfing’ and coming down with nice big piece of pork chop.


Next big adventure of the weekend came Sunday night when we attempted something truly crazy – putting Rhys to bed in his crib instead of his Rock’n’Play sleeper.  This was doomed from the start as he spit up during his final feeding and wasn’t really calmed down when I went to lay him down in his crib (rookie mistake by the veteran player).  He lasted about 10 minutes until he started crying and we decided to let him cry it out.  15 minutes later, he was still screaming.  Whit went up to try and soothe him and get him back to sleep which didn’t happen.  So as per my usual style with my kids, I decided we would give in and try another evening when he started out being calm.

So that’s our weekend, nothing exciting, nothing boring.

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