Later than we had planned…

I think my wife would agree with me that while we have settled in to having 2 kids (as much as that can ever happen), we still have not figured out our daily routine.  On top of that, we are also trying to be healthy, which includes working out and not eating fast food (i.e. cooking meals). 

In the times of BR (Before Rhys), we had a fairly set routine – we would get up in the morning, get Addy ready for the sitters, and both leave for work later than we had planned.  Whitney would rush out of school to pick up Addison from the sitters and be home around 4:30.  Since I work downtown (25 miles away), I would get off around 5, and sit in traffic for an hour or so getting home around 6PM.  Most nights we would cook something quick, or more likely, order something even quicker.  We’d have some playtime with Addy, watch The Big Bang Theory, get bath time done, and get her to bed later than we had planned. Then we would try to prep for the next day making lunches and cleaning the house, and end up in bed ourselves…later than we had planned. Notice a trend there?  Most everything we do, we end up later than we had planned, but to me that counts as routine if we are always late, right???

Now that we have Rhys, our ‘routine’ has become more of a ‘Are we ever going to get everything done and get in bed at a decent time…crap we still have to work out’ kind of experience.  Don’t get me wrong, everything about having two kids is amazing and I love every second of it.  BUT….it does add a layer of stress and strain on life that we have yet to be able to crack.  Evenings have become much busier (crazier) – bottles to be cleaned /made, bottles to be fed to the boy, healthy dinner to be made, dinner to be made for the girl (as she usually doesn’t like what we make, that’s a whole different post), bath times for two, bedtime stories and rocking, making lunches for the next day, and trying to find time to get in 30-45 minutes of exercise.  I tried to help the situation by getting my workout done early in the morning, 3 times a week.  This week went pretty well, got my first two workouts in before the family was awake on Sunday and Tuesday, and had every intention of getting in my third early morning today.  Of course, my kids had a different plan for me (and TV as we ended up staying up ‘later than we had planned’).  The girl sleeps through the night fairly regularly and the boy had been sleeping until 6 or 6:30 each day, except for last night.  12:30 – Girl has to go to the bathroom, but first has to be calmed down (no clue why she was crying).  2:30 – Boy wakes up randomly at night, so I feed him and put him back down.  4:30 – Girl wakes up again with a bad dream, comfort is given then she is back in bed.  And my motivation to get up early and work out was GONE.  My daily walks at lunch time have also been hampered by this stifling heat, though I have still been taking them and just spending the afternoon sweaty and stinky. 

The whole point of this post is simple, we have a lot of reasons (excuses) we could make for not spending time with the kids, not working out, not eating right, etc.  We have learned, however, that its far easier to make an excuse than to keep a promise, but keeping the promises to ourselves, each other and the kids is what grows our family and keeps us pointed in the right direction.  Though we have no idea where we are headed, hopefully somewhere fun, and less hot, we are going there together.

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