Choosing the Highs

This weekend has been a series of high Highs and low Lows.  Personally, I’m tired of dealing with Lows – so I’m choosing to focus on a few of the wins from this weekend.

1) 5k Mud Ninja Extreme Challenge – completed it.  It was an amazing race, harder than I thought, really felt like more than a 5k and 25 obstacles.  The biggest win for me was the ‘Tower of Terror’ – probably 20 foot vertical climb (boot camp style) up and over some boards nailed to a tree.  My fear of heights told me there was no way I was climbing that.  The support of my team told me there was no way I wasn’t climbing it. So as my foot hit terra-firma again after scaling it, I was flying high (and still shaking from the nerves).  Love our team and our accomplishment, and I look forward to running it again next year with my awesome wife!

2) 4C Family Fun Fest –  I feel like there was a big turn out and I was able to spend time with my kids and meet new people.  I’m looking forward to when we do this again, though I’m not looking forward to rolling up those bounce houses again!  Addy had a great time and actually played on the bounce houses! I was so proud to see her running the obstacle courses and having fun with her friends from church.  Events like these are helping reinforce that going to church doesn’t have to be a somber event – which it usually isn’t at Four Corners!Image

While I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my family as I had hoped, I loved every second of this weekend and the relationships that were strengthened & developed.  The pain of some current situations is lessened by the support of those around me, of which I am grateful.

Just like the Mud Ninja run, life is difficult and unexpected – but it can be conquered through the Grace of God and the helping hands of family and friends.


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