9 Years and hundreds of adventures…

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9 years ago today, I answered one of the most important questions of my life with a simple phrase…I Do.  9 years, a few houses, two dogs, two amazing children and hundreds of adventures together later – I’m more in love with the woman that was standing across from me that day than ever before.

395608_10150618052264789_1981578723_nI won’t give you the play by play of that day, which I easily 396805_10150618052514789_911201125_n could. As someone with poor memory already in life, it’s one of the few days I remember very vividly.  I remember chilling in the back room of the church with my groomsmen and family, anxiously waiting for the women to finish getting ready. Then there was walking into the sanctuary of Church of the Saviour and seeing Whitney in her dress for the first time…stunning.  Watching Steve walk her down the aisle and giving her 408800_10150618053719789_78994451_narm to me, I cried. Whitney looked like a deer in headlights, but I cried. And the song…All I Ask of You from Phantom sang by our good friends David Anderson and Ashley Langenderfer.  They were perfect, the moment was perfect, the ceremony was perfect.  Even Whitney’s 3rd grade class was in attendance!

The reception, we arrived riding in style in our ’54 Daimler, to an amazingly decorated  400784_10150618054289789_1908326329_nManor House.  Countless amazing memories that were made there that day, but nothing can top the most important dance of the evening…the father / daughter dance.  For those of you that didn’t know, Steve has been very sick leading up to the wedding with cancer. To see him that evening dancing with Whitney, you would have never been able to guess it.  I was, of 395934_10150618054149789_148756679_ncourse, partial to the dance I got to have with Whitney, and dancing with my mother, but the strength and love that Steve showed that day was awe-inspiring.  I’m sure I’ll talk more about him in later posts, but for now just know that he enjoyed the day.  The reception is a blur, as most married couples will say. We took photos, did toasts (which my brother still holds the record as the BEST Best Man speech EVER), greeted people, danced, and looked lovingly into each others eyes…as I accused her of stealing my slice of wedding cake. Turns out it was my mother.

That brings us to the post-reception time – I wont go into detail, but getting to the hotel was an adventure in itself.  The driver of our 1954 Daimler didn’t ACTUALLY know where the hotel was (The Vernon Manor), and let’s just say it wasn’t in the greatest part of town. There we were in our wedding attire in a classic car driving through the ‘not-so-good’ parts of town as the driver is asking US where to go?!?  Eventually he got us there, and the rest is history.

Reflecting back on it now, it was the most amazing day and there isn’t a single thing I would want to change about it. I am so glad that Whitney said yes to me and started this crazy adventure of life together.

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