The Blog Awakens…

This ‘blog’ has been an off and on project for a few years, and please feel free to read some of my old posts in the archived area.

Going forward, I’m going to focus on one of the many nerdy things that my wife and I have in common…a freakish love of Star Wars. I can admit that we spent an inordiante amount of time breaking down each trailer and discussing our theories. Whitney was pretty darn accurate with her predictions (I say she read spoilers, she said she didn’t). I’m sure we will throw in a few posts about family, Doctor Who, LotR, Disney, etc.

Star Wars…what a great time to be a fan of the galaxy far far away. I’ve spent a lot of time reading the now ‘Legends’ novels, read almost all the new Marvel comic series, but that all dwarfs in comparison to seeing the opening scroll come across the big screen. After seeing the movie a few times, we are left with lots of questions, theories and ideas that we *hope* will happen.

As a note, we are now a few weeks removed from the theatrical release of TFA, which means spoilers will flow freely. Not just from the movie, but also from the comics, novels and such.  I assume if you are here, that you have some level of interest in Star Wars and have at least seen the movie.

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